Serena Williams Hopes to Launch Her Own Beauty Line

If it appears that Serena Williams gets on a winning touch, by all accounts, that would be appropriate. Between delivering, getting married, fielding the odd collection of billboards devoted to her achievement, and also her routine schedule as one of the best professional athletes of all time, Williams just laid her insurance claim in the charm world. Going by just recently found hallmark records, you could anticipate to see make-up, hair, as well as body products from the multi-hyphenate.

As TMZ reported for the first time, Serena presented the documents to the Aneres trademark — “Serena” drove back — in January. From the file, it looks like Williams is preparing for a real building. He secured the name of Aneres for 18 categories of appeal, including lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, shade, powder, structure, eyeliner, mascara, makeup, makeup cleanser, skincare, perfume, body cream, shampoo, dry hair shampoo, hair rinses, hair spray and gel, cosmetics, as well as makeup brushes.

It’s a breakdown; basically the only point not provided is brow items, which seems unjust, offered Williams’ amazing set of brows. Possibly hers are natural, or possibly she’s currently discovered the most effective brow enhancer as well as does not believe she can make a better one (though that would not really align with her affordable spirit).

On to the actually important questions: Will the completely dry hair shampoo depend on Wimbledon sweat? Will her spouse rent signboards hyping each product? Will people attempt and also examine a female wanting both make-up as well as sporting activities? Only time will inform.

serena williams beauty makeup line

Nose Shading, how to apply correctly

If your nose looks wide, you can shade it, making it appear narrower or shorter. This optional step is the one I often use for photographs, but I don’t recommend it during the day. Some women become so adept at shading their nose that they make it a routine in their makeup at night.

I prefer to use compact powders to contour the nose; the application is easier to control. To illuminate, use a color approximately two tones lighter than your skin. The Lancôme Dual Finish Creme/Powder Makeup is easy to use. For shading, use a neutral grey brown shade.

how to apply powder to shade the nose

With a small brush, apply a narrow strip of illuminator vertically from the bridge of the nose to the tip. With another small brush, shadow the sides of your nose with the black coffee contour powder, carefully fade with a piece of cotton wool. Additional shadowing of the nose tip can be used between the nostrils to create the appearance of a shorter nose. It can also be used on the sides of the nostrils to narrow a nose that is wide at the tip.

When you fade, do it with the utmost care, otherwise your nose will look dirty.

This corrective step requires practice.

This phase can also be used on the contrary, to widen a narrow nose, using the outline shadow on the bridge of the nose and the illuminator on the sides.

6 Tips to Save Money on Online Shopping:

Shopping on the internet is an increasingly common practice; after all, it is very easy and fast. In the online world, you can find all products at different prices and, everything is delivered to your home. But, where there are many advantages, there are also people spending money! And, for those who want to save or not to be in debt, shopping online can be a real trap.

Although a temptation, buying over the internet is not an action that one should avoid. What you need is to find the best deals, define what is really necessary and not going crazy buying everything you see before you! Just a bit of common sense and you can get the best deals.

Do you want to save money on internet purchases? We believe that this a question which many people would answer a big YES to it! However, before visiting Ijoobi online store , please check out some hints and tips on how you can save money on your online purchases:

1. Plan the purchase

Even before the first click, define what you are going to buy. In addition to saving time, pre-purchase planning avoids unnecessary spending and possible regrets. When surfing the net without a defined purpose, we are subject to many temptations. It is like walking through a mall, where the attractions are many, as well as the overwhelming offers, which can generate impulse purchases on our desires.

2. Compare prices

After planning, you have to go for the virtual bargain. Aware of what you want to buy, the next step is to compare prices. You can monitor the values of the same product simultaneously in different stores. There are several online tools for online search of specific products.

3. Register your email to receive offers

Usually people do not like to receive email marketing; however, this is undoubtedly a good tool to save money on online purchases. To avoid annoyances, just subscribe to the store newsletters for which you have real interest, such as

4. Choose stores that offer free shipping

Free shipping makes all the difference. The Product volume, the type of packaging and the chosen carrier can greatly increase the final price. The good news is that several stores offer free shipping or even reduced shipping costs.

5. Follow the news on social networks

Stay alert to what happens in corporate social networks. Usually, offers are posted on Facebook and Twitter. It is common for exclusive promotions to be launched seasonally. When you follow or subscribe you may get personal discount coupons.

6. Examine the cost benefit of the product

You may have come across products being sold online, at prices similar to those of physical stores. In that case, what would be the economic advantage of purchasing an item through online purchase?

The reply is simple. If you know the brand, know the quality of the product, have good references of the store, the shipping is free, the payment terms are attractive, they offer guarantee of satisfaction, the customer will certainly save money when making the virtual purchase.

When opting for the internet, the buyer invests less time (avoids traffic and does not get stuck), and also does not spend money with transportation to and from the store (taxi, gasoline). In the end, even if the economy is small, the customer wins in terms of convenience and practicality.

With this hints and tips, we are sure you will find that is the best site for you sopping experience. Especially if you are looking for the latest on health, beauty and weight loss.

Buying on the internet is not synonymous with wasting money. Just be careful to make the best choices!

shopping online

Spectacular designs for your nails this season

Design on the nails and keeping them well maintained are one of the things all women love, but this season the designs are more sophisticated and with basic colors and pastels.

nail designs

Animal print on your nails. There are several designs of dog breeds, as well as different types of animal fur, leopard, tiger, giraffe, etc.. With a pastel base you can make the designs with a black colored enamel liner like the stains of a leopard and review over some of the designs with another color that highlights the pastel base, in this case, the colors used are for the water green base, for the black and pink lines to fill.

Natural and glamorous, another proposal is to have very elegant nails but with naturalness, for the base a nail polish in natural tone, like pink or leather, and to give it the touch of glamor golden shine which is applied in a part nothing more, starting from the cuticles to the middle, it is perfect!

Continuing with pastel shades a very feminine design, similar to a French manicure, but pink and light blue shades are used for different nails, and in some cases a white enamel with applications in drops to differentiate from the rest, no doubt very easy to make.

Three different styles in pastel tones to give your nails a different and modern style, coming out of the classic.

The Sonoma diet: the healthy way to lose weight

The Sonoma diet was created by an American nutritionist, named Connie Guttersen. Connie was an advisor for well-known American brands such as Nestle and Kraft, among others. The Sonoma diet evolved by basing her field of expertise of nutrition to create a balanced diet that would help individuals to gradually and healthily lose weight.

The basis of the Sonoma Diet is founded upon the food pyramid or a diet plan based upon consuming only wholesome and nutritious foods. The purpose of the diet isn’t just to help you lose weight but to teach you how to change your lifestyle and eating habits, allowing you to adopt this new eating approach from today forward.

Some key foods in the Sonoma diet are Almonds

The Sonoma diet has helped thousands to loose those extra pounds, but one of the main differences of this diet when compared with other popular diets is that you don’t regain the weight lost. Why? The key is in the fact that it teaches you new eating habits that help you maintain your new weight. This isn’t a restrictive diet. The Sonoma diet is based on eating gourmet foods or in other words, foods that are tasty and prepared in a healthy manner.

This diet has three phases:

The first phase is the most restrictive one of the three and is for a time period of 10 days. It is considered to be the most restricted because it is the phase that reeducates you on how to eat correctly and helping you to break free from sweet and fatty food addictions.

You are permitted to eat the following:

  • Vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, celery, onions, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers and zucchini.
  • Dairy products: Skimmed milk (1 cup a day), low-fat cream cheese, mozzarella or Parmesan cheese (only 30 grams a day).
  • Proteins: Lean meats (beef, turkey, pork and ham), beans, garbanzos, lentils, fish, shellfish, lamb, one egg a day, peanut butter and tofu.
  • Grains: You are allowed 1/2 cup with each meal: Cooked pasta, rice, wholegrain unsweetened cereal or a slice of wholegrain bread or popped popcorn.
  • Fats: (You are allowed 3 portions a day, taking into consideration that each portion is only one teaspoon) you can use olive oil, avocado, nuts such as almonds, peanuts and walnuts moderately on this diet.
  • Beverages: You are allowed a black coffee that is sweetened with an artificial sweetener, if desired. You can add one teaspoon of cream, which will be removed from you daily fat potion. You can drink as much water as you desire while on this diet and black, green or herbal teas (without sugar or cream).
  • Condiments: These can be used occasionally. You can use herbs such as basil, oregano, cilantro, rosemary or tarragon: Spices such as chili powder, pepper, cumin, cloves or curry; garlic, ginger, lemon, mustard, vanilla and vinegar.

The second stage of the Sonoma diet consists in weight loss by learning to eat correct portion sizes. This diet does not provide daily caloric restrictions or expensive pre-purchased meals or use of supplements.

The third phase of this diet is where you begin to lose weight, as now you have acquired the knowledge in the first two phases that enable you to lose weight and keep it off by changing your eating habits. You just need to apply the new eating habits to your day-to-day lifestyle and you will reach your ideal weight in no time.

Some key foods in the Sonoma diet are:

  • Almonds
  • Peppers (all colors)
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Grapes
  • Olive oil
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Whole grains and whole wheat

An example of a daily meal on the Sonoma diet:

  • Breakfast: An unsweetened whole grain cereal with milk
  • Lunch: A pork chop with rosemary, Brussels sprouts sautéed with some ham, 1 slice of whole wheat bread and a small dessert of an unsweetened fruit salad.
  • Supper: A rice salad with a small piece of chicken, one cup of raw grated carrots and celery with 2 tablespoons of hummus. Dessert: a baked apple
  • Snacks between meals: A piece of whole-wheat pita bread with a yogurt and cucumber sauce.
  • Conclusion: The Sonoma diet is a healthy and balanced diet, which is recommended for all types of people. It is suggested to include a regular exercise program that encourages you to perform some sort of physical activity 3 to 4 times a week to complete your healthy lifestyle.

Health benefits of blueberries in preventing diseases

According to recent investigations of more than 40 different types of fruits and vegetables, blueberries came out as the number one super food in their antioxidant activity and power.

Blueberries contain antioxidants that are often referred to as vitamin C and E. These antioxidants mainly benefit our health, and believed to be derived from anthocyanosides, which are found in the natural blue pigment of the blueberries and act as powerful antioxidants.

blueberries could reduce harmful levels of cholesterol

Many studies have been performed as to the anti-aging affects provided by blueberries, in particular with mental performance. North American neuroscientists have discovered that consuming blueberries regularly is directly related to decreasing loss of mental capacity as we age.

Various parts of the investigation was searching for proof that blueberries could play an important role in preventing Alzheimer and the results found are very promising. Blueberries just don’t have an anti-aging affect on our body and mind. But also thanks to their high-quantity of antioxidants, research has proven that they can also keep our heart healthy.

Blueberries can help to reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL) from forming high levels in the blood, which is one of the main factors for cardiovascular diseases. These findings have recently been confirmed by another investigation performed by the University of Mississippi, USA. They discovered that blueberries could reduce harmful levels of cholesterol more efficiently than prescription drugs used in reducing cholesterol, and without any of the unpleasant side effects.

Nutritional value of blueberries

Blueberries, as most fruits and vegetables, are low in fat and calories, plus they are very high in dietary fiber. These factors make blueberries a great addition to any healthy diet for weight loss. A portion of 80grs about 2 to 4 full handfuls of blueberries only has 46 calories and 0.3 grams of fat.

Dermacol Foundation for every skin necessary

Dermacol makeup cover comes in many shades.

One of the most crucial allies in each makeup kit is a very good foundation. Regrettably, our skin doesn’t seem 100% anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, you require hiding some imperfection, like acne, dark circles, bruises or even a lot more everlasting: a makeup to cover tattoos, scars or birthmarks. All that to make the skin seem glowy, even and firm.

But not all foundations are alike. Not all of them are very good or are an excellent fit for your skin. That is why you have to be cautious when you study to buy and believe in in the very best brands and items. Dermacol Foundation Concealer is, with no a doubt, 1 of them.

Aside from the high quality and brand element, 1 of the most crucial factors you have to seem when you buy a foundation is the tone, your shade, so the foundation doesn’t demonstrate, because it’s not rimmel or a lipstick: you want to hide and seem all-natural, not give a light to that spot so everybody can see it. And think me: if you are undertaking a photoshoot or a video, the final point you want men and women to see on the display is that you are utilizing a poor and evident foundation. With this merchandise, you don’t have to worry.

Numerous shades of Dermacol

Dermacol makeup cover comes in a lot of shades. Nevertheless, because it’s a European merchandise, its centered on a lot more Caucasian tonalities. But because of its release in the 1960’s, this cover-up makeup expanded its enterprise and income to all over the globe and they are adapting the shades to be a lot more inclusive and adapted to all sorts of skin colors. For example, the merchandise arrived in South Korea with shades a lot more suited for the Asian buyers.

You will most likely discover 1 that fits specifically what you require, dependent on the tonality you require. Numerous men and women like to mix it up, utilizing 1 shade when it’s summertime time to emphasize the new tan they’ve received and also to hide the bikini marks. To arrive to the very best tonality attainable, you can also buy a 210 and 212, for example, and mix it up to come with something a lot more ideal. The lighter shade has the quantity 207 and the larger the quantity (up to 224), a lot more fit it is for darker tonalities or deep tan. You only require to know what shade is very best for you and use a tiny quantity, spreading the merchandise with a sponge for a much better, a lot more even end result.

With only 1 tiny quantity, you can cover up what you want to, because the merchandise is really steady, created to resist sweat and water in common (also humidity). You can unwind that the makeup won’t start to blur and “melt” in your encounter. You can use this merchandise at a nice pool party or at the beach and dive in with no getting to run to the bathroom to five yet another go with your make up.

And the smell is also a constructive stage, something that is highlighted in a lot of evaluations all over the web. Can something be worse than smelly makeup that tends to make all the visual element be thrown out the window?

The purpose why this makeup foundation has all individuals positive aspects it’s the large quantity of pigment and also the truth that is hypoallergenic. Due to the fact of the efficiency of this merchandise, you have to make certain not to forget to make a complete cleansing ahead of you go to bed so you don’t clog your pores. That consistency tends to make the tube final longer, so you don’t have to worry that your spending budget will suffer since of the Dermacol Foundation.

Get a good healthy body with these tips to lose weight

Getting a healthy body is a matter of commitment, although it may be easier than you think if you are persistent and willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about attitude and focuses on what you want for yourself the rest of your life. We can say that through this means you will find certain mechanisms that will serve you to lose weight quietly.

There are many ways to say goodbye to obesity. One of them can be natural supplements like Pure Cambogia Ultra, which is the leading brand in the market, a healthy and healthy diet and a routine training that facilitates the fat burning that is lodged in your body and at the same time is counterproductive for you and your to lose weight

3 tips for weight loss without problems and getting benefits for your health

Many of the tips that we will give you below have been well studied and analyzed, in addition to being approved by the experts. In this opportunity you will obtain a series of resources that will collaborate to the weight loss that you want to have a healthy lifestyle.

Practical slimming patches

As I said before, there are many ways to lose weight, this is one of them. Slimming patches are practical and very easy to use. Many people consider or take this option into account, as it is certainly something that does not affect your daily routine, and have quite good results.

We can also say that they burn fat stored in your body. But, we must also say that, this is a product that will be used only by people who do not suffer from excess weight is say only have to fall between 5 or 7 kilos.

An exercise routine is necessary

With an exercise routine that you practice daily, you will be able to reach your ideal weight, without any problem. You must have the commitment and the necessary persistence, which is required to reach the goal. Through these physical activities that you begin to execute you will lose many calories and you will burn fats. This way you will lose weight and you will be able to balance your corporal volume reducing it to the level that really corresponds to your bone structure.

Feed properly to making your health better

Eating is one of the most important things of the human being; I dare say that it is vital for people in general. When you do it in a safe and healthy way, your life begins to become much more active, and you will maintain the weight that really corresponds to your height and physical structure. If you eat the necessary foods, full of nutrition, vitamins and minerals, your health begins to evolve changing and generating positive things for you and your body.

Ideally, you start right now to practice these tips to lose weight, more than all for the sake of your health, and you improve your quality of life. They are not easy changes, but the results will be satisfactory.

What is the use of spirulina?

If you want to find an alternative as a food supplement, it is good to know, what is the use of spirulina?. To begin with spirulina is an algae that grows in shallow waters in different parts of the world. It since the antiquity that was used for its consumption, since it offered a good dose of energy. Spirulina is now directly available for consumption. Although it does not have many contraindications, it is recommended to consume no more than two grams per to use spirulina

Benefits for the body

Spirulina contains many nutrients that are essential for the body. With modern life one can get to eat poorly and not cover the essential nutrients that the body needs. That’s why spirulina consumption is ideal for people who lead a hectic life that requires an extra dose of nutrients. Spirulina is an excellent source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is very good to aid in the formation of soft and hard tissues such as teeth and bones. It is not good to have an excess of vitamin A, so it is recommended to drink lots of water when taking spirulina to eliminate what is not necessary.

It contains high doses of iron, essential nutrient to transport oxygen in the blood. It is very likely that with the modern diet, one does not consume enough iron and this leads to being tired and fatigued. Spirulina serves for our body to receive the amount of iron needed. When consuming iron of vegetal origin it is necessary to consume vitamin C to help the body in its absorption. That is why it is advisable to take spirulina with orange juice.

So, what is the use of Spirulina?

It has been proven in recent studies that spirulina is used to lose weight. Being an algae, when combined with water doubles its volume, helping to fill the stomach. If spirulina is consumed before meals, it is likely that one will eat less lately. It also serves to raise metabolism, which causes one to lose weight more easily.

If you combine spirulina intake with a low diet in calorie and a sports activity, you are likely to be able to lose more weight than expected. It also helps to eliminate the fats that usually accumulate in areas difficult to burn. It is very important to drink plenty of water when taking spirulina. In this way it facilitates the absorption of all its nutrients.

Now you will be clear about the spirulina use. It is a very nutritious and complete supplement that comes directly from nature. It is an alga with many nutrients and vitamins that promote health. It is a supplement that you should consider for your health and to lose weight naturally.

Know the properties of Yacon Honey

As an alternative to honey of bees or to sweets made with sugar, there is. This type of honey is made with the root of this plant, which is very sweet and the type of sugar it has is not absorbed by the body. It is an alternative to all types of sweeteners without causing damage to the body. That’s why Yacon Hones is recommended for people who have diabetes or who want to lose weight.yacon honey benefits

What is yacon honey?

Yacon honey is made from the root of this plant, which contains large amounts of a variety of sugar. It is made under a process of high pressure and temperature, where the root takes a consistency similar to the honey. It is usually sold in glass jars and stored in the refrigerator. Its flavor is very sweet so it is ideal to spread on toast or cookies, and also to sweeten meals.

Being an organic food that is not manufactured on a large scale, it is usually found in health food stores or health food stores, which specialize in selling this type of products. It is rare to find it in large supermarkets, although today are seeing more of these types of products. This is because there is a greater awareness in the population about having a good diet and a better quality of life.

Properties of yacon honey

The type of sugar found in this plant, can not be absorbed by our body. Therefore the sugar goes through the digestive system without being absorbed. But by reaching the last portion of the large intestine, the bacteria that inhabit it can absorb it. By having more amount of food, these bacteria can grow better, something that is very good for our body. It is proven that having a healthy and healthy bacteria colony prevents colon cancer.

As it is a type of sugar that our body can not absorb, it is ideal for diabetic people since it does not produce any change in the levels of sugars of the blood. Its flavor is very sweet and can be used to sweeten any type of food. It can also be used in foods that need cooking such as cakes and pies.

Yacon honey also brings a lot of nutrients to the body. As it is based on a root, it contains large amounts of starch that is very nutritious and gives a lot of energy. It is good for people who want to lose weight and need some kind of energy that does not produce reserve fat. You can eat at breakfast to make a meal more nutritious, rich and not increase body weight.