Nose Shading, how to apply correctly

If your nose looks wide, you can shade it, making it appear narrower or shorter. This optional step is the one I often use for photographs, but I don’t recommend it during the day. Some women become so adept at shading their nose that they make it a routine in their makeup at night.

I prefer to use compact powders to contour the nose; the application is easier to control. To illuminate, use a color approximately two tones lighter than your skin. The Lancôme Dual Finish Creme/Powder Makeup is easy to use. For shading, use a neutral grey brown shade.

how to apply powder to shade the nose

With a small brush, apply a narrow strip of illuminator vertically from the bridge of the nose to the tip. With another small brush, shadow the sides of your nose with the black coffee contour powder, carefully fade with a piece of cotton wool. Additional shadowing of the nose tip can be used between the nostrils to create the appearance of a shorter nose. It can also be used on the sides of the nostrils to narrow a nose that is wide at the tip.

When you fade, do it with the utmost care, otherwise your nose will look dirty.

This corrective step requires practice.

This phase can also be used on the contrary, to widen a narrow nose, using the outline shadow on the bridge of the nose and the illuminator on the sides.

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