Serena Williams Hopes to Launch Her Own Beauty Line

If it appears that Serena Williams gets on a winning touch, by all accounts, that would be appropriate. Between delivering, getting married, fielding the odd collection of billboards devoted to her achievement, and also her routine schedule as one of the best professional athletes of all time, Williams just laid her insurance claim in the charm world. Going by just recently found hallmark records, you could anticipate to see make-up, hair, as well as body products from the multi-hyphenate.

As TMZ reported for the first time, Serena presented the documents to the Aneres trademark — “Serena” drove back — in January. From the file, it looks like Williams is preparing for a real building. He secured the name of Aneres for 18 categories of appeal, including lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, shade, powder, structure, eyeliner, mascara, makeup, makeup cleanser, skincare, perfume, body cream, shampoo, dry hair shampoo, hair rinses, hair spray and gel, cosmetics, as well as makeup brushes.

It’s a breakdown; basically the only point not provided is brow items, which seems unjust, offered Williams’ amazing set of brows. Possibly hers are natural, or possibly she’s currently discovered the most effective brow enhancer as well as does not believe she can make a better one (though that would not really align with her affordable spirit).

On to the actually important questions: Will the completely dry hair shampoo depend on Wimbledon sweat? Will her spouse rent signboards hyping each product? Will people attempt and also examine a female wanting both make-up as well as sporting activities? Only time will inform.

serena williams beauty makeup line

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