Spectacular designs for your nails this season

Design on the nails and keeping them well maintained are one of the things all women love, but this season the designs are more sophisticated and with basic colors and pastels.

nail designs

Animal print on your nails. There are several designs of dog breeds, as well as different types of animal fur, leopard, tiger, giraffe, etc.. With a pastel base you can make the designs with a black colored enamel liner like the stains of a leopard and review over some of the designs with another color that highlights the pastel base, in this case, the colors used are for the water green base, for the black and pink lines to fill.

Natural and glamorous, another proposal is to have very elegant nails but with naturalness, for the base a nail polish in natural tone, like pink or leather, and to give it the touch of glamor golden shine which is applied in a part nothing more, starting from the cuticles to the middle, it is perfect!

Continuing with pastel shades a very feminine design, similar to a French manicure, but pink and light blue shades are used for different nails, and in some cases a white enamel with applications in drops to differentiate from the rest, no doubt very easy to make.

Three different styles in pastel tones to give your nails a different and modern style, coming out of the classic.

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