Know the properties of Yacon Honey

As an alternative to honey of bees or to sweets made with sugar, there is. This type of honey is made with the root of this plant, which is very sweet and the type of sugar it has is not absorbed by the body. It is an alternative to all types of sweeteners without causing damage to the body. That’s why Yacon Hones is recommended for people who have diabetes or who want to lose weight.yacon honey benefits

What is yacon honey?

Yacon honey is made from the root of this plant, which contains large amounts of a variety of sugar. It is made under a process of high pressure and temperature, where the root takes a consistency similar to the honey. It is usually sold in glass jars and stored in the refrigerator. Its flavor is very sweet so it is ideal to spread on toast or cookies, and also to sweeten meals.

Being an organic food that is not manufactured on a large scale, it is usually found in health food stores or health food stores, which specialize in selling this type of products. It is rare to find it in large supermarkets, although today are seeing more of these types of products. This is because there is a greater awareness in the population about having a good diet and a better quality of life.

Properties of yacon honey

The type of sugar found in this plant, can not be absorbed by our body. Therefore the sugar goes through the digestive system without being absorbed. But by reaching the last portion of the large intestine, the bacteria that inhabit it can absorb it. By having more amount of food, these bacteria can grow better, something that is very good for our body. It is proven that having a healthy and healthy bacteria colony prevents colon cancer.

As it is a type of sugar that our body can not absorb, it is ideal for diabetic people since it does not produce any change in the levels of sugars of the blood. Its flavor is very sweet and can be used to sweeten any type of food. It can also be used in foods that need cooking such as cakes and pies.

Yacon honey also brings a lot of nutrients to the body. As it is based on a root, it contains large amounts of starch that is very nutritious and gives a lot of energy. It is good for people who want to lose weight and need some kind of energy that does not produce reserve fat. You can eat at breakfast to make a meal more nutritious, rich and not increase body weight.

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